Alcotana Shovel Peak

Alcaota peak shovel with 40 cm handle

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Online sale of Alcotana Shovel Peak with Hickory wooden handle of 40 cms. Head forged in carbon steel with a pointed end and another plane with wide and cutting edge. With the peak heat treatment and spoil for durability, tensile strength, twisting, wear and impact.

Buy quality tools at the best price on the web. When buying this Alcotana Shovel Peak, USTDE acquires Caliado Truper tool with 40 cm wood handle to chop small rocks and perform small ground movements, as well as to extract roots and small tree stoves. With a pointy end to break rocky or hard surfaces and hardened dry ground. It is ideal for the chopstick and extraction of those small embedded rocks that always appear on the trails and paths and that become obstacles, sometimes cutting, for the plots of MTB bicycles (Mountain Bike).

And with your other flat end it is very useful for unbound and excavations in soft soils or to extract logs and roots. Its short and robust handle make it very versatile to use in small spaces, or on rocks that must be stopped so that they do not suppose a risk of stumbling for the hiker or puncture for the cyclist. It is an essential element in the maintenance, recovery and construction work of trails and paths. Its low price and its great options of use make it essential.

It can be transported in the backpack to take it where you need it. Versatile and Quality Tool for a Great Trail Building. Truper is the world's largest manufacturer of blades, peaks, clubs, trucks and long handle tools in general. All its products have a guarantee on manufacturing defects and / or assembly.


- 61.5 x 8.6 x 23.01 cm

- Weight: 1000.00 grams


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