Cutting tools

Sale of cutting tools for trailbuilding. Hedge shears, secateurs, pruning shears, saws, cutters, axes, Pulasky axe and many more tools for the maintenance and construction of paths and trails. Cutting tools from the prestigious brands Fiskars and Trupper. World leaders in their categories and with extensive warranties on their products. 

Cutting tools are essential for trailbuilding. Once the layout of the trail or path has been designed, the first step to be taken is to clear and clean the area to be crossed and to do this we must cut bushes, prune branches, cut down trees, in short, a series of jobs in which cutting tools are essential and where a trailbuilder must always have the best. The same applies to maintenance work, especially after the rainy season or during the flowering season. Shrubs and plants must be constantly and meticulously trimmed with quality cutting tools at the best price.

At MuchMoreTrails we have a wide and diverse range of cutting tools and we are sure you will find what you need in our catalogue. Always at a reasonable price and with an efficient and professional service. We are bikers and we are trailbuilders, we know what it takes. 

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