Roll of fluorescent marking tape

Fluorescent not adhesive marking tape roll

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Signal and Marking Tape Prescomade in multifunctional and resistant polyester fabric.Available in three fluor color for better visibility.Compact and easy transport at a spectacular price.

The construction of new trails or the maintenance of the already existing requires optimal signaling and marking tools.That’s why we’ve brought directly from the U.S.A., the trailbuilding hole, the world’s best signaling and markings.Compact tape rolls, which fit in any bag or Camelback, 3 cm wide and very striking colors, all in fluor finish, to improve visibility.You can use them to mark branches or tricks to cut, to place them on stacks, or simply to draw a new path.The marking tape roll is an indispensable one in your bag before taking the e-bike for trail maintenance.In forest environments they are easily localizable and it will be rare that you leave a task to do in the mountain if you use these mark tape rolls as a basic tool.

You can buy them in the online store directly and we will send you where you tell us as soon as possible.

Presco it is the world’s largest manufacturer of forest signaling materials.

Measures of the roll:

- Band width 3 cms

Long 45 mts

The diameter of the roll is 9 cms.


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