Backpacks and straps

The quality of the tools we use in trailbuilding is just as important as the maintenance and quality of the equipment used to transport our tools to the work areas. We offer for sale on our website a selection of the FixPlus and Over Board product range. Fixing elements and straps to hold and transport everything on our bike and another selection of waterproof rucksacks from Over Board where you can carry tools, clothes, food and everything you need to make the journey to the hard days of work more bearable. 

In the mountains and inland forests it is cold, hot, rainy, snowy and there are very humid areas. That is why we believe that it is essential to provide you with personal transport equipment and high-end tool carriers. Accessories that can be exposed to all kinds of inclemencies, that can be mistreated, get wet, get muddy and still work as well as the first day. Yes, there are other brands, but these work. It's as simple as that. And we offer them for sale on our website at the best price. 

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