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We are a family-owned company, fans of mountain biking (MTB) in all its disciplines, hiking and trail running. We are concerned about climate change and are willing to put our little bit of sand into reversing the situation. We are pioneers in the sale of trail building tools in Spain. An online store specializing in trail building tools. We support projects for recovery, rehabilitation and construction of sustainable trails and paths for the practice of MTB and hiking. We work with trailbuilders and bike parks in Spain and Europe. Our aim is to promote sustainable and safe mountain sports. Revalorizing rural areas and recovering with respect and responsibility the natural heritage we have. This is why we are in constant contact with our partners to support initiatives and projects for mountain biking and mountain sports.

We work with world-class brands on specific tools for road maintenance and recovery work, trail construction and Bike parks, both in forest environments and in rural areas that wish to implement outdoor sports activities as a way of attracting companies and visitors. Marks such as Fiskars, Truper, Ledlenser, FixPlus and, Stanley and Orework they're the ones we distribute, always the best quality products at the best possible price.

You can contact us via email i'm sorry to hear that and we'll solve all your doubts.

Every day more trail builders, MTB center, bike parks and bike centers trust us. Our trailbuilding tools, our service and our willingness to create collaborative bonds are being crucial to this end. On this page you will find information and links to each of the centres and entities we work with in Spain and Europe.

Would you like to be a part of it? You just need to register on the website, once you have done so contact us by e-mail and provide documentation to prove that you are engaged in this sector. Once you've done this, you've got it. You'll be a trail builder now.

What do you get? Well, let's list it for you:

1 - You will get a direct discount on most products on our website, forever.

2 - Impact on networks. Especially on Instagram. We'll share the content you post that we think is appropriate.

3 - Welcome gift and ID badge with your first order.

4 - Support (within our means) for events and activities you organise.

What did we order? It's that simple.

- That the impact on networks is reciprocal.

- You post videos or stories using our tools and tag us.

- In the event of a request for your collaboration or information on any aspect of our tools, please be available.

And NO, we're not asking for exclusivity for the purchase of tools. We know that the tools we work with are the best, but we're also aware that there are tastes for everything and that you'll have other commitments out there. So we respect him and expect to be respected too.

Will you sign up? There are already many of us who are united by the paths.

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