Odometer, wheel counts meters

Odometer of 30 cm with brake

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Odometer online sale with wheel counts meters of 30 cms and analog measurement. Body made of ABS with polyurethane wheel. Folding handle and handle for easy storage and transport. Brake and reset button at the top of the handle for convenience. 5-digit Automatic Counter in meters and decimeters.

When buying online we send it fast and wherever you want. Why buy an odometer? Once the work is finished, it is time to supervise and check what has been done. The tool that a Trail Buider needs for that is an odometer like this. Whether it is for trail construction, road maintenance or recovery of ancient passage areas. And it is not that GPS are not very reliable, which are, but it is necessary to compare and evaluate work from different perspectives.

And for the final measurement the odometer is the perfect complement. It facilitates the real distance traveled and we can meet variations depending on the plots that are carried out by mountain bike or even on foot.

So do not hesitate, and buy your odometer here as few meters. I have been on sale online and we send it wherever. Truper is the world's largest manufacturer of blades, peaks, clubs, trucks and long handle tools in general. All its products have a guarantee on manufacturing defects and / or assembly.


- Diameter of the wheel 30 cms

- Maximum readable distance 9,999 meters

- Resistance without bending 2.5 mts approx.

- Weight 1.8 kgs


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