Ax Pulaski with mango

Ax Pulaski with handle of 90 cms

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Online Sale of Ax Pulaski 90 cms long. Head made of SAE 1045 steel with black paint finish. Hickory wood handle, stove, polished and lacquered. Special design of double edge on the head.

Buy it in our online store at the best price on the web. Buy Online The Pulaski Ax (Axada) is to acquire, possibly, the most valued and practical ax in the forest world. It is a tool that was initially conceived for the extinction of fires in the United States by ED Pulaski in 1911, and yet today it is used steadily for the extinction of forest fires. Its design, on the one hand ax and on the other hoe, confer a huge versatility and possibilities. Firemen now use it to make firewall, thanks to the possibility of felling and excavation it offers.

And that's where the Building trail has incorporated it as one of the essential tools. With the pulski ax, it is achieved quickly and effective clearing, cut roots and move ground with a single tool. The Pulaski Ax of 90 cms is paramount for the cut of large roots and the extraction of stumps, and also to prepare small slopes.

In this way we clear the way so that the drawings are soft and very fun. And subsequent maintenance, recovery or construction of trails is carried out safely and without elements that may cause accidents, such as low branches, trunks near the area to work, etc ... keeping clean and cleared the future plotter before Start, you make sure to optimize times and effort.

Buy at the best price of the web the pulski ax of 90 cms at the best price and we send it wherever you want. Truper is the world's largest manufacturer of blades, peaks, clubs, trucks and long handle tools in general. All its products have a guarantee on manufacturing defects and / or assembly.


- Length: 91 cm

- Weight: 1,500 grams.


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