Universal handmade Fiskars X7

Fiskars X7 universal hand axe

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Small hand axe, universal type with hollow fibreglass handle from Fiskars X7 XS. The hand axe with the blade-handle joint is guaranteed for life. Hollow handle to absorb vibrations and protrusion at the bottom to prevent slipping. We have it on the web at the best price and with the Fiskars warranty. 25 year warranty on blade and handle and lifetime warranty on the blade to handle joint.

When it comes to checking trails and routes on your bike or on foot, you need to carry a light, small and powerful tool. Trailbuilding requires that you have to move around with the tool inside the backpack and therefore, you must make the most of the space with contained weights, making it easier to do maintenance work on the trails. That's why we have for sale at the best price for trailbuilders the Fiskars X7 universal hand axe, with a small size, light weight and outstanding utility. This compact tool is useful for cutting and felling small branches and logs efficiently, quickly and accurately. Buy the Fiskars X7 universal axe at a low price and see what it can do.

Fiskars is the world's leading manufacturer of professional tools for gardening and forestry.

Measurements of the Fiskars X7 Universal Hand Axe:

Length: 39,9 cms

Width: 13 cm

Weight: 0,7 kgs


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