Flexometer 8 mts.

Flexometer 8 meters anti impact

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8 MTS Flexometer Online Vanta with Printed Tape on both sides, coated with lacquer for maximum duration (large numbers of easy reading / horizontal and vertical metric graduation). Double hook that facilitates measurement on both sides. ABS housing and impact resistant TPR cover.

Buy online a flexometer at the best price always help. When we are working in forests or areas of narrow steps, it is important that a Trail Buider takes into account the gaps in terms of use that is going to be given to a path or path.

And as in forest environments, the laser is not possibly the best measurement tool, we resort to the all-life tools, always reliable and always willing to help us in the development and construction of our paths or trails. This 8-minute development flexometer will offer certainty and reliability in any environment and in extreme situations of moisture and cold. It is also printed on both sides, and the size of the numbering is great, so it will facilitate a lot of data reading work. You buy it and we send it wherever.

Truper is the world's largest manufacturer of blades, peaks, clubs, trucks and long handle tools in general. All its products have a guarantee on manufacturing defects and / or assembly.


- Long ribbon 8 meters

- 25 mm wide

- Resistance without bending 2.5 mts approx.


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