Trail building marking flags

100 pcs of flags for trail building design

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Marking flags for trail building made of PVC with steel rod. Available in 3 colors to make them eye-catching and easily spotted. They are supplied in batches of 100 units.

Why does a trail builder need marking flags? Easy. The work of designing a track from the computer screen is effective at a global level, and to follow the route by GPS. What happens is that, due to the terrain and the forest or wild environment of the mountains, variations must be made in situ in all trail building works. All this is not possible without first carrying out stakeout work, work that is impossible to carry out without the right tools and instruments. And among the essentials for good design are stakeout flags. In areas where there are trees, bushes, branches and leaves. Working with lasers or rope pulls is very complicated. With these setting out and marking flags, we will be able to order and route the lines before even starting to touch the ground and in this way, together with the help of the clinometer, capture and draw what we have planned on the ground.

Presco (USA) is the world's No. 1 manufacturer of measurement and stakeout materials for forestry and trailbuilding environments.

Measurements of the flags: 13x10 cm

Rod height: 77 cm

Available colors: 7 colors.

Units per lot: 100 units.


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